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Health Zone Low Gloss Floor Finish

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Health Zone Low Gloss Floor Finish is Specifically Formulated for Environments such as Healthcare Facilities or Nursing Homes.

High gloss floors can cause some people to think the floor is wet and slippery.  This can be a concern in facilities with older residents or those with poor eyesight. Health Zone can alleviate this concern.

Health Zone has these Unique Benefits:

  • A High performance low gloss, even after burnishing.
  • Remarkable durability against scuffs, scratches, black heel marks, etc. while giving you long-term protection for floors.
  • Self-sealing with excellent leveling properties.
  • Exceptional clarity for a low gloss!
    • No milkiness as seen in other low gloss finishes.
  • Renews the appearance of worn or dulled floors.
  • Great if you want to maintain the natural look of certain types of floors, such as:
    • Decorative vinyl, terrazzo, stone, colored/pressed concrete, etc.Health Zone Low Gloss Floor Finish

How to Use:

  • Clean surface thoroughly. Remove old wax, dirt, grease and marks with floor stripper. Rinse until surface is completely free of any loose dust or powder.
  • When floor is dry, apply an even coat with a rayon mop, lambswool applicator, or professional large area applicator.
  • Allow 30-40 minutes between coats. Dry time can vary due to temperature, humidity, and other conditions.
  • Regular sweeping or dust mopping is necessary. Use a neutral detergent when mopping is required to remove dirt and stains.
  • Recoating:
    • Machine clean with a blue, green or red scrubbing pad, using a light neutral-detergent cleaning solution. Floor should be rinsed, completely clean, and dry.
    • Recoat with 1-2 coats of full-strength finish to restore its matted low-gloss finish and extend service life.


  • Low V.O.C.’s.
  • Covers 1,500 to 2,000 sq. ft. per gallon per coat.
  • Apply 2-3 coats of Health Zone Low Gloss Floor Finish.
  • All-acrylic polymers, absolutely clear, colorless film.

Sold in:

  • Case of (4) Gallons

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