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NOdorZone Odor Remover

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NOdorZone Odor Remover Uses an Innovative hybrid technology that actually digests AND neutralizes organic waste – eliminating odors, not covering them up.

Unlike deodorants or spray scents that mask the odors with overpowering perfumes, NOdorZone Odor Remover gets to the source of the smell and eliminates it.

Because even though WE cannot smell the odor anymore, animals CAN – right though any perfumes.  And they will go right back to that spot.

You need to add NOdorZone to your line of products!

  • Gets out the tough odors and urine – especially cat urine.
  • Eliminates offensive odors AND removes the stains.
  • Use NOdorZone Odor Remover safely used on any surfaces not harmed by water.
  • Biodegradable, NONtoxic, NONacid and NONalkali.
  • Contains NO harmful acids, caustics or solvents – use in more areas.
  • Comes In ready-to-use and concentrate formulas.

NOdorZone works on:NOdorZone Ready to Use and Concentrate

  • Food vomit.
  • Human urine and Animal urine.
  • Feces.
  • Mold and mildew.

NOdorZone is idea for:

  • Veterinary clinics.
  • Daycare centers.
  • Nursing homes.
  • Health Care facilities.
  • In-home.

NOdorZone is available in:

  • Case of 12 Ready-to-Use Quarts.
  • Case of 4 Ready-to-Use Gallons.
  • Case of 4 Concentrate Gallons.

Concentrate dilution:

  • For strong odors, use 1:1 ratio with water.
  • For mild odors, use 1:2 ratio with water.

NOTE: We recommend, as with all carpet products, to test for color fastness by spraying in an inconspicuous area. If you notice surface discoloration, fading or carpet fiber color transfers to a white cloth, do not use.

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