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Crete Seal Concrete Floor Sealer

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Crete Seal Concrete Floor Sealer – a Tough, Aggressive Sealer for Concrete and Other Hard Floor Surfaces

Crete Seal is a thermoplastic all-acrylic water resistant sealer with specially chosen components that work in harmony to produce the best results for concrete floor protection and appearance.

The unique formulation of Crete Seal provides superior adhesion with excellent water protection in wet environments such as garages, loading docks, warehouse floors.


  • Withstands weathering due to wet and slushy conditions.
  • Superior adhesion under wet conditions with excellent wear properties and good gloss.
  • Excellent resistance towards water blushing.

    Crete Seal Concrete Sealer

    Crete Seal is available in a Case of 4 Gallons, Pail and Drum.

  • Minimal water absorption:
    • Resists whitening and loosening from standing water. 
  • Exceptionally high degree of early block resistance.
  • Eliminates bothersome concrete dusting.
  • Bright hard surface squeegees dry and is easy to sweep, mop, or clean.

How to Use:

  • Before applying, clean and rinse thoroughly so floor is free of oil, grease and soil. Allow floor to dry completely.

    • For previously sealed or finished concrete: clean and dry a small test area.
    • Apply a small amount of sealer to test for adhesion.
  • Apply an even coat of Crete Seal with a clean lambswool applicator, string mop or commercial finish applicator.
  • Allow 30-40 minutes between coats. Dry time can vary due to temperature, humidity, and other conditions (cold concrete will
    lengthen dry time).

Where to Use:

  • Seals:
    • Concrete
    • Hard floor surfaces such as:
      • Terrazzo
      • Stone
      • Brick
      • Poured floors.


  • All-acrylic, water-based sealer.
  • Coverage:
    • Approximately 750-1,500 sq. ft./gallon for first coat.
    • Approximately 1,500 sq. ft./gallon for second coat.
  • 30-40 minutes dry time between coats (can vary due to conditions).
  • Apply 2 coats for best results.
  • Floor temperature must be above 55° before applying.
  • Available in:
    • Case of (4) One Gallon Bottles
    • 5 Gallon Pails
    • 55 Gallon Drums

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