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Salt Eater Salt Ice Melt Remover

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Salt Eater Salt Remover /Ice Melt Remover that Neutralizes and Rinses in ONE Easy Step!

Salt and ice melters create heat from chemical reactions to melt snow and ice. This reaction can destroy the finish on great looking floors.

Plus tracked-in salt and slush will be ground in by foot traffic and dull or scratch your floors, damage carpet

Pets get this slush on their paws and can get sick licking it off.

Why You should carry Salt Eater:salt eater salt ice melt remover

  • Stops ice melters from damaging your floor or carpet.
  • Eliminates salt residue, the white film and hard water deposits left behind by all types of ice melters.
  • Prevents salt and ice melt crystals from damaging vinyl entry ways, sealed wood floors, floor mats and resilient tiles.
  • Salt Eater uses chelating agents to suspend the salt and chloride in a solution and remove them from your floor or mat.
  • Concentrated formula is designed to leave a balanced, neutral pH on your floors.
  • Pet friendly – Salt Eater removes ice melt and salt which can burn skin and upset digestive systems.
  • Use on tile floors, VCT, carpets, carpet mats, floor mats, car mats, car carpeting.

Great for:

  • Commercial use.
    • Mix at a ratio of 1 part Salt Eater/16 parts warm water in a mop bucket.
  • Home use or smaller jobs.
    • Works great in refillable microfiber mop systems. Mix at a ratio of 1 part Salt Eater/16 parts warm water and pour in the mop reservoir.

Salt Eater has a:

  • Fresh Lemon scent – no harsh fumes.
  • Neutral pH – so it won’t damage floors.
  • Concentrated formula – goes a long way.

Salt Eater is available in:

  • Case of (4) Gallons
  • Case of (12) Quarts